About the Podcast


The podcast started as a result of conversations between Alex and Jeffrey about the interviews that Alex was doing at the time.  These conversations would jeer off into either the history of some company, technology, or just musings on the industry as a whole.  Jeffrey was looking for an excuse to play around with audio engineering, and suggested to Alex that they do a podcast to capture the magic of the conversations they had.  After some prep work, and a few recordings the podcast launched with "All I can do is ask why?" on September 1st, 2015.

Recording & Editing

Alex and Jeffrey record in Jeffrey's office at his home.  The first bunch of episodes were recorded in their respective homes.  However due to delays in audio, and being unable to see each other, it became hard to interject.  The decision was made to record in person, and the podcast has been recorded that way ever since.  Both Jeffrey and Alex use Heil PR-40 Microphones, that go into a Yamaha MG12XU mixer.  This then goes into the PC, and is recorded/edited in Reaper.

Early shows were originally recorded and edited with Audacity.  Jeffrey was not happy with the way Audacity handed the audio, and it also made it hard to revert/tweak audio edits.  Jeffrey keeps playing around with the audio setup and recording setup.  He is currently modifying the studio to add more homemade acoustic panels to remove some lingering mic bleed.

Live Streaming

Whenever Jeffrey plans to spend a long time editing a podcast episode he will sometimes stream the process on YouTube!  The announcement of start/stop will go out via Twitter.  Most of the time this happens on weekends, and can last for several hours.  The editing process involves not just cleaning up the audio, but also doing research for good examples of games/topics that come up for the show notes.  Feel free to get a sneak peek at an upcoming episode, and ask questions!