News and Events

July 01, 2020 - Completed Live Stream

We did a live stream on June 28th for about 9 and a half hours! We have content for 4 episodes! It was a lot of fun, and if you got a chance to watch we were glad to have you! We also did a surprise giveaway of Alex's book! Congratulations to dadillydylan our lucky winner! We look forward to doing this again next year, and hope to see you for one of the live editing sessions!

April 15th, 2020 - Alex and Jeffrey on Another Podcast?

We were on Pixelated Audio with Bryan and Gene! We covered a swash of games! We looked at how the technology changed over the years, and how those limitations dictated the style and tone of the music. We look at roughly seven years spaning 1977-1984. If you are interested in video game history check out Bryan and Nathan's deep dives into the music, composers, and artists that brought the games to life. A big thanks to them for having us on!

Listen to Pixelated audio EP 127 Early Game Music with TCW

Alex and Jeffrey were on The 42 Cast. Nathan was gracious enough to have us on, We give some personal life background, and go into Alex's work with video game history. We also talk about the podcast, its inception, and so much more! Check it out!

Listen to the 42 Cast Episode 70!

Latest Podcast Episode

TCW 117: Wing Commander

We look at one of the great space flight simulators of the 90's! Wing Commander is largely attributed to Chris Roberts. However we find out in this episode the many other people who were instrumental in not just the story, but gameplay of Wing Commander. We can see the true potential of the Siliwood era with the live action cut scenes used in both Wing Commander III and IV. We of course look at the inspirations for Wing Commander, and take a look at the history of the people involved! Grab your flight suit, and strap yourself in commander!