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April 1st, 2020 - Alex and Jeffrey on Another Podcast?

Alex and Jeffrey were on The 42 Cast. Nathan was gracious enough to have us on, We give some personal life background, and go into Alex's work with video game history. We also talk about the podcast, its inception, and so much more! Check it out!

Listen to the 42 Cast Episode 70!

March 1st 2020 - Alex's Book and End of Giveaway

Alex's book was released on November 28th 2019! We are proud to see the results of over a decade of work! The book is available through CRC Press and on-line retailers! Click here for more information on the book!

In celebration of the release of the book, We gave away copies of the book to patrons, and fans of the podcast! Congratulations to: Bob Perrin, Maks Beugelsdijk, @DRPGBook

Latest Podcast Episode

TCW 111: Jumping to It!

We leap around to the myriad of games that were influential in the development of platformer genre. Starting with an evolution from Space Invaders into Heiankyo Alien; the concept was thrown onto its side with Space Panic. Further refinement brought in jumping with Donkey Kong. Platformers were not as suited for the arcade scene, and ended up truly finding a place in the home on consoles and computers.