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Live Stream - Saturday September 24th!

Livestream Date Decided! Yes! We will be doing a live stream this year! The date will be September 24th! Time: 12:30 US Central (17:30 GMT) Twitch Channel

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Working on a more searchable copy of show notes the episodes list will be a searchable (CTL-F) of episode title and descriptsions with direct links to the full show notes.

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TCW 170: A Rogue's Survival Part 1

We start looking into Rogue by looking at the computer systems that helped to spawn its creation. We cover the history of UNIX. The development of UNIX is tied heavily to the development and distribution of Rogue. Rogue was programmed in partnership between Michael Toy and Glenn Wichman. The game featured extensive replayability. The game started to spread through early UseNet and inspired others to create similar games.