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December 15, 2019

Episode 104: A Holistic View of ET

January 1, 2020

Episode 105: The Big Voice of Magnavox

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TCW 103: Elite Systems

We look at one of the British software companies Elite Systems.  The company was originally named Richard Wilcox software, and was founded as a collaboration between two brothers with the encouragement of their father.   Owing to Richard still being a teenager, had schooling, and could not make programing a full-time career at the time the decision was made to rebrand the company.  Steve renamed the company to Elite Systems in 1984, and hired bedroom coders to produce software for the company.  The company continued to be one of the industry leaders when it came to where the market was going.  They went to licenses, in studio development, consoles, independent developer, and now mobile gaming.  We finish up looking briefly at the controversy around the company's Kick-Starter campaign for the ZX Spectrum Bluetooth keyboard for retro games.

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