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TCW 182 - The KOEI Dynasty

We continue our look at KOE and their move onto the console space. This transition is rocky due to the increased costs of cartridge manufacturing. They were able to secure funding by holding a luncheon at the Imperial Hotel for distributors. They were able to start production on Nobunaga's Ambition for the NES. From there they continue to improve setting up development groups to explore new opportunities. The company was still niche until Dynasty Warriors 2 where they could finally move to mainstream gaming. When KOEI acquired Taito, doors opened to other companies' intellectual properties. This led to games like Dynasty Warriors Gundam, Hyrule Warriors, Dragon Quest Heroes, and Fire Emblem Warriors. The company continues to expand and thrive today by helping Nintendo produce the popular Fire Emblem Three Houses, and the RPG NIOH. Still led by the founders in their 70s Yoichi and Keiko Erikawa are truly the power couple of the video game industry!