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January 1st, 2020 - Alex's Book and Giveaway

Alex's book was released on November 28th 2019! We are proud to see the results of over a decade of work! The book is available through CRC Press and on-line retailers! Click here for more information on the book! In celebration of the release of the book, we will be giving away signed copies of the book to fans! More information on the giveaway here!

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TCW 106: The Small Voice of Magnavox

Magnavox continues to strive for survival as an axillary of Philips. While people close to the video game division continue to be optimistic about their offerings; management at Philips was not so. The company continued to be plagued with production shortfalls with new chips, FCC approval problems, and new competition. They were able to make a few games of note developing some interesting ideas on where to take home consoles. Ultimately Magnavox faded into just a brand name for Philips after the video game crash.