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January 1st, 2020 - Alex's Book and Giveaway

Alex's book was released on November 28th 2019! We are proud to see the results of over a decade of work! The book is available through CRC Press and on-line retailers! Click here for more information on the book! In celebration of the release of the book, we will be giving away signed copies of the book to fans! More information on the giveaway here!

Latest Podcast Episode

TCW 108: Adventuring with LucasArts Part 1

We look at LucasFilm games, AKA LucasArts. Not the company as a whole, but their influence on adventure games. Not only were they instrumental in advancing adventure games, they were able to affect the industry as a whole. We look briefly at the formation of the company, and get into some of their early projects. A young contractor, Ron Gilbert, joined the team by helping to convert some early games to the Commodore 64. Gilbert was later the driving force in creating an adventure game that was not full of deaths, saves, and no-win states.