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Livestream Date Decided! Yes! We will be doing a live stream this year! The date will be September 24th! Time: 12:30 US Central (17:30 GMT)

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TCW 167: Activision and Kotick Part 1

In part one of our look at Activision and Bobby Kotick we look at the early life, and history of the man. We see from an early age how business was always a driving factor in his life. Furthermore, we see some of his early companies and challenges as he transitioned into the technology field. With the help of influential businessman Steve Wynn, Bobby Kotick was able to start a software company. Wynn further helped in financing the eventual buy-in of Mediagenic when the company was floated as a cheap way to get into the game market by Nintendo. We finish by looking at how Kotick and others took control of Mediagenic and renamed it Activision. With the need to file for bankruptcy Kotick has the long task of building up the company from scratch. Promising investors to at least break even over the next four to five years.