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Upcoming 200th Episode

We are rapidly aproaching our 200th episode. We would not be here without you! Yes you! So share your stories with us about 'They Create Worlds'. Favorite moment, how you found us, most enightening fact, etc. Email your thoughts to us and we will pick out our favorites to read during the episode. Send them to: Come help us to celebrate!

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Working on a more searchable copy of show notes the episodes list will be a searchable (CTL-F) of episode title and descriptsions with direct links to the full show notes.

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TCW 197 - The ID Of Game Development

ID Software; the makers of many games that are beloved by gamers. Due to the need for rapid development ID was forced to separate game design from the mechanics. Having a dedicated game engine that was focused on visual and support technologies as opposed to the specifics of game design. ID Software utilized tools to make levels, licensing the engine to other companies, and so much more. Many moders of Doom got their start in the video game industry by being level designers for other companies. ID was instrumental in popularizing the structure by which games are made to this day.