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200th Episode

Thank you everyone new and old who has helped us to reach 200! If you sent in a item to be included in episode 200 it should be in the episode! Go listen!

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TCW 205 - Shepherd's Mass Effect 2 & 3

In our examination of the second and third installments of the Mass Effect trilogy, we delve into the development of each game and the transformative impact of BioWare's acquisition by EA. Mass Effect 2 marked a notable departure, shifting away from RPG elements towards a more structured shooter, with a renewed emphasis on narrative, albeit sidelining the original game's crew and downplaying choices made in its predecessor. Regrettably, Mass Effect 3 faced challenges, including the departure of its head writer and a departure from the hard sci-fi roots. The third game disappointed fans as high aspirations fell short, particularly in the lack of meaningful impact from player choices on the ending, which itself was criticized for adopting a Deus Ex Machina style conclusion. Despite these setbacks, the series retains a devoted fan base, attesting to its enduring appeal.