Episode Transcriptions

We are offering transcribed episodes for our listeners! This will be a slow, and gradual process. However we hope to soon be providing these with each new episode, and work on the back catalog. If there is a particular episode you would like transcribed sooner let Jeffrey know! He can be reached by: Jeffrey@TheyCreateWorlds.com.

The plan is to have complete transcripts for episodes from 2015, and 2016 acailable here. Newer episodes will only have the first ~30 minutes of the episode free. The complete transcript of those episodes will be availible to our Patreon Supporters! Full transcripts of older episodes will roll out as the newest episode comes up. In effect the full transcripts for the last three years will be a rolling Patreon bonus.

Transcribed Episodes

Episode 114 - The Wizards of Sir-Tech
Episode 011 - The Genesis of JRPGs