About Us

"They Create Worlds" is the umbrella term for a podcast, book, and blog relating to the history of the video game industry! We try to take a complete view of the industry by not just looking at the creative side of the industry. We also look at the companies, people, sociopolitical, and economic factors that shaped the industry that many love today! If you have an intrest in a game, genre, company, person, arcades, or anything related to them we have something for you!

The Books

Alex has been researching the video game industry for over fourteen years! He has conducted over a hundred interviews with executives, salespeople, and lesser known developers to try and capture a complete picture of the industry. He has partnered with CRC Press to release a three volume book series on the video game industry. The first book in the series was released on November 28 th 2019. You can check out more information on the book over here.

The Podcast

The They Create Worlds podcast launched on September 1st 2015. Originally the concept of the podcast was born from the conversations Alex and Jeffrey had socially while discussing what Alex was currently researching. Jeffrey found these conversations to be interesting, and thought that they could make a good podcast for others with similar interests. After an initial investment, and recording lead time the first episode "All I can do is ask why?" was put up for public consumption!

The podcast is recorded with Alex and Jeffrey being in their respective homes. They each record their audio locally, and Jeffrey puts them together during the editing process. Sometimes the editing process is broadcast live on Twitch.TV! If you like what you hear please consider supporting the podcast by becomeing a Patreon supporter.

The Team

Alexander Smith

Alex Smith

Just some guy ya' know? Well, Alex is the mind behind They Create Worlds. His knowledge of the industry, the companies, and the people is unparalleled. He has been working on researching the industry, including conducting over one hundred interviews, for nearly fifteen years. He often selects each topic for a podcast episode, and meticulously researches the topic before recording begins!

Contact Alex directly at: alex@TheyCreateWorlds.com

Jeffrey Daum

Jeffrey Daum

Jeffrey is Alex's co-host on the podcast. He introduces each episode, usually with a quip, and provides a layman's viewpoint. He will chime in with technical knowledge and insight from time to time. Jeffrey also does the audio production for the podcast. He manages the social media presence of the podcast, and updates the website with new information.

Contact Jeffrey directly at: jeffrey@TheyCreateWorlds.com