A Podcast draws near! Command?

The podcast is available through a lot of different mediums. If you already know about podcasts and are looking for a link to your favorite aggravator just click a badge below! If you need more information, or want suggestions on a method of listening, more information is below.

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Common Questions and Suggestions

What is a Podcast?

Think of a Podcast as an on-demand radio program. It can be streamed to a variety of devices and downloaded to be played later on your phone or audio player. Many people listen to podcasts during their commute, while exorcising, doing chores, on a lunch break, while going to sleep, or anytime really! It is entertainment that can be fun, educational scary, thrilling, and so much more!

What is the "They Create Worlds" Podcast?

The They Create worlds podcast is aimed to be a fun, and educational look at the entirety of the video game industry. We cover a variety of topics from home consoles, computers, arcade/coin-op, companies, people, and so much more! If you would like to learn more about us check out our about us page!

How can I listen?

There are many ways to listen to us! If you just want a taste select one of our episodes through the web player here. If you want to listen on your phone, tablet, or other device you can install a variety of podcasts apps. iTunes is popular on iPhones. We love using Podcast Addict on Android. However there are plenty of other options!

Many podcast playing programs let you manually setup a podcast directly via a RSS feed. This is our feed! Don't worry about the link contents! Just copy the address into your favorite podcast application and subscribe!