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TCW Podcast Episode 163 - California Pacific

We look at the company California Pacific. Founded by Al Remmers the company played a large role in launching the careers of Bill Budge and Richard Garriott. Al Remmers was in a unique position as a publisher. He had contacts with retailers spanning the entire country. In a way California Pacific was both one of the first distributors and used the EA model of programmers as rock stars. Promoting the games made by talented people, and promoting the individuals themselves. Unfortunately California Pacific had a too high royalty to those same programmers, and once dedicated distribution companies started to take over business declined. Al Remmers struggled with delegation, and unfortunately he developed a drug addiction. Though not well known today California Pacific did play a vital role during a crucial stage of the computer video game industry.

A little Energon:
Overview of the S100 BUS:
Super Invader/Apple Invader:
Bill Budge's Trilogy of Games:
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World Of Doom Akalabeth Packaging:
Who is Lord British:
Ultima 1:

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