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TCW Podcast Episode 164 - Fallout

History. History is always changing. Greek historians recorded tales in scrolls, and simple books. Historians of the modern era use interviews, micro-film, and court documents to decipher history. In this episode Alex and Jeffrey look at the Fallout of all that historical work. How they can shape and mold it into the continuing narrative of the video game industry. Fallout almost was not a thing and possibly could not be made today. The game faced many challenges in its creation, but ended up being a very influential work affecting not just video games but role playing games as a whole.

Wasteland 1 DOS:
GURPS Explained:
Isometric VS Oblique:
Oblique VS Isometric Drawings:
Short Video of Knight Demo:
Rex and Bobby Quest:
Crusader No Remorse:
Mad Max Trailer 1979:
Mad Max 2 The Road Warrior 1981:
Mad Max 3 Beyond the Thunderdome 1985:
The Omega Man 1979:
A Boy and his Dog:
The Day After Reaction:
The Day After Movie:
Intro Fallout 1:
Fallout Endings:

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