Activision and Kotick Part 2

TCW Podcast Episode 168 - Activision and Kotick Part 2

In part two of our look at Activision under Bobby Kotick's leadership. We see how Activision's franchises and licensed properties were leveraged for revenue. We look at how Activision had to revive the entire development apparatus from scratch. They used the animation skills of a Disney-trained trained animator for Pitfall the Mayan, Adventure. Finally, Activision was able to firmly gain footing, and regain profitability with the release of MechWarrior 2!

The Manhole:
Leather Goddesses of Phobos 2:
Return to Zork:
The Fox and the Hound Trailer:
The Black Cauldron Trailer:
Tron Trailer:
Technological Threat:
Ferngully - The Last Rainforest Trailer:
Pitfall The Mayan Adventure(SNES):
Pitfall The Mayan Adventure (Sega CD):
BattleTech The Crescent Hawk's Inception:
Dos Protected Mode Explained:
Why you need DOSBox:
Mechwarrior 2:

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