Activision and Kotick Part 3

TCW Podcast Episode 169 - Activision and Kotick Part 3

In our final part on Activision and Kotick we see how Activision continued to develop and acquire new IPs. With Spycraft they were in on the Siliwood era of games a trend that continued with Zork Grand Inquisitor. Attempts were made to gain further ground with games like Interstate '76, Big Game Hunter, and Apocalypse. However it was not until Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, Call of Duty, and the eventual acquisition of Activision by Vivendi that Bobby Kotick was able to realize his goal of becoming the largest 3rd party developer!

Spycraft The Great Game:
Zork Grand Inquisitor:
Interstate '76:
Pixel Blurring:
Big Game Hunter 2:
Hexen 2:
Top Skater:
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater:
Real Life James Bond:
Medal of Honor:
Medal of Honor Allied Assault:
Call of Duty Finest Hour:
Call of Duty (pc):
Shoot to Kill British Training Video:
American VS German Automatic Weapons:

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