The Computer Wars

TCW Podcast Episode 173 - The Computer Price Wars Part 2

In part two of our look at the computer price wars, we dive deep into the major players. Commodore with the VIC-20 and Texas Instruments with the TI99/4A were the major players. Other players included Apple, the TRS-80 Color, and even the US version of the ZX Spectrum. As fears mounted that Japanese PC makers would eventually price out the US computer makers, efforts were made to drive the prices of home computers lower and lower. The opening shots of the price war included using celebrity endorsements for the major players. Discover the history of how Commodore and Texas Instruments took down a whole industry!

SRAM and DRAM More in Depth:
What is DRAM?:
TCW 131 - Sir Clive of ZX:
8-Bit Guy - The VIC 20:
TRS-80 Color:
Commodore VIC-20 William Shatner Commercials:
TI 99/4a:
Bill Cosby Texas Instruments:

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